Brazil World Cup 2014: Kick off Time Could be Detrimental to the Players

By | October 4, 2012

We all know that Brazil is the organizer of the World Cup 2014. We hope Brazil World Cup 2014 will be a very successful World Cup like all previous World Cup events. But, there is a problem with the kick off time. Kick off time for many matches is 1: PM, when the sun is in full throttle. So, the Football World Cup Winners have to shed a lot of sweat.

Recently, FIFA declared the kick off time of the World Cup 2014. Out of 64 World Cup matches, 24 matches will be played under the scorching sun at 1:PM. This made crazy professional football athletes’ union in Brazil. It is now protesting against this inconvenient timing. It claimed that this HOT weather could be dangerous for the players.
Rinaldo Martorelli, president of professional football athletes’ union in Brazil, said

“We are sending a message to FIFA to alert them of our concern regarding these issues and saying that we will defend the professional athletes’ rights in every level”

FIFA did respond claiming that it has consulted medical committee before this decision. According to FIFA,

“The health of the player and the quality of the game is on the top of the list before any other consideration, and definitely no commercial consideration”

Sepp Blatter, president of FIFA, also claimed that World Cup 1970, World Cup 1986, and World Cup 1994 had much tougher condition than the upcoming World Cup—the greatest show on Earth. Well, you may aware of the fact that Diego Maradona, one of the greatest footballers of all time, showed his anger when he played in 1986 World Cup in Mexico. The timing was not changed. But he protested. Fortunately, Argentina clinched the title.

Well, it is very obvious why FIFA wants such inconvenient timing when the temperature could be about 35 degrees Celsius. The reason is to please the European viewers so that FIFA can get a lot of money from the TV channels during Brazil World Cup 2014.

Let’s see what happens. Chances are high that FIFA  will not change the kick off time. It seems like sweat Maradona jersey, we will see sweat Messi jersey in the Brazil World Cup 2014.

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