Word Cup 2014 Ticket Prices

By | July 1, 2013

The countdown has already started. Pele, one of the greatest soccer players of all time, inaugurated the 16 feet tall countdown timer. Now is the time to buy 2014 soccer world cup tickets. This article talks about World Cup 2014 ticket prices.

Word Cup 2014 Ticket Prices

FIFA has already declared to let us know the ticket prices on July 1, 2013. The tickets will be available for buying on August 20, 2013. Another date you must remember that the 2nd phase of selling 2014 World Cup tickets starts in November. The ticket prices of the last World Cup could give some idea.

Good Time to Buy Soccer World Cup 2014 Tickets

It is believed that after the draw is a very good time to buy tickets. In fact, the last soccer world cup experienced lots of ticket sales during the tournament. So, you still have some time. The upcoming Brazil soccer world cup 2014 is going to be another BIG thing. Stats show that about 2.3 million ticket requests were received from the fans all over the world within 1 hour. Most of the requests were from Brazil and Argentina. Another thing you should know that for 1 ticket, there are 7 applicants.

Worlds Cup 2010 Ticket Prices

For the opening match the tickets were sold from 70 to 450 dollars; for the first round, the prices ranged from 20-160 dollars, and for the grand finale the prices were 150-900 dollars.

FIFA decided to distribute 50,000 tickets for FREE to poor people. Both students and old people aged 60 or more will get 50% off on ticket prices. No doubt it is a good idea.

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We all know that Brazil is a developing country which is crazy about soccer. Even though FIFA has been trying to help them, still numerous people will not be able to enjoy the 2014 soccer World Cup at the stadiums due to high ticket prices. Hope, World Cup 2014 ticket prices will not be very high. Happy buying!

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