Who is Taking the Responsibility of Tito Vilanova Temporarily?

By | December 20, 2012

You must know that Tito Vilanova, the head coach of FC Barcelona with extra-ordinary profile, will undergo a surgery today 20th December 2012. We hope he will be back with us very soon. But, who is going to take the charge now?

Jordi Roura, current assistant coach of Barcelona, will take the responsibility for the next matches until Tito comes back.

Andoni Zubizarreta, director of football, said,

“We are in extraordinary hands and with them we’ll continue down this path. We’ll present ourselves in Valladolid [with Roura],”

He added:

“Tito is not here. We do have Jordi and his coaching staff.”

What about Tito? he replied,

“He’ll try to overcome this new challenge. We’ll be there for him and his family. We’re forgetting about football right now, that’s secondary. We’re ready for this challenge.”

But how are the Barca players?

“They are as unified as ever.”

He added,

“We need to pick ourselves up and keep on working. Each match will be a challenge knowing that life itself is what’s truly important.”

Before he left the conference he said,

“We aren’t legends, we’re humans. The things that happen to us are the same things that happen to everyone else.”

Barca now tops the Spanish La Liga points table 2012-13. Everyone thinks La Liga is over for Real Madrid, but this bad news might have some unwanted influence. Barcelona were happy to extend some new contracts with Messi, Puyol, and Xavi. Also, Abidal is set to back. We hope, everything will going to be OK very soon,and Roura will accomplish his job perfectly. Everyone please pray for Tito.

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