Which Team is Barcelona’s Competitor in the Champions League Round of 16?

By | December 20, 2012

Which Team is Barcelona's Competitor in the Champions League Round of 16

It is AC Milan. Arsenal must be happy this year to avoid Barcelona. This year Champions League is special to Barca because Barca are competing to regain the title they lost last year against Chelsea. None can forget the anti-football strategies of Chelsea last season in the semi-finals. The first leg starts in February. The return/second leg will be at Camp Nou. Milan are the 7 times winner of this prestigious award. But, things are very different over the last few years. Every team wants to avoid this Spanish giant because of their supreme performance in the recent past. Barca are the winners of Champions League in 1992, 2006, 2009 and 2011.

On the other hand, Real Madrid are in great trouble. They have to face Manchester United. Mourinho must be in great pressure because La Liga is OVER as Barca tops the table with 13 points difference.


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