Tram for Brazil Soccer World Cup 2014 is not Ready

By | January 9, 2014

Another bad news just arrived from Brazil—the organizer of the FIFA world cup 2014. This South American country will not be able to provide the tram during the world cup. The tram for Brazil soccer world cup 2014 was one of the best attractions of the upcoming soccer world cup.

According to a high official, Brazil is unable to provide the facility during the world cup. So, soccer fans might face problems. This facility was supposed to be available in Cuiba city. You will be extremely surprised to know that it is supposed to be in operation in December 2014, which is about a 5 months delay! Still, no track has been installed.

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Cuiba features the Arena Pantanal soccer stadium, which was supposed to be completed by 2013, but it has been postponed in 2014.

The 621 million dollars project was one of the hardest challenges for Brazil, and it is now impossible for Brazil—5 times winner of FIFA world cup. So, the soccer fans may have to rely on buses or other alternatives.

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