Tito Vilanova Sick: He Needs Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy

By | December 23, 2012

Tito Vilanova Sick
This is really frustrating. Tito Vilanova, the head coach of FC Barcelona, is probably going to leave the club forever. Please do pray for him. He and his family is now in great danger.

Latest News:

July, 2013:

Bad news to all Barcelona fans. Tito Vilanova is so sick that he is now unable to take the responsibility to coach FC Barcelona. Mr Rosell, president of FC Barcelona, shared this bad news to the media. This is pre-season period, and it starts with a bad thing. We hope for the cure of this serious disease.

Previous Illness News of Tito Vilanova:

He will be back in January

Good news for all Barca fans all over the world is that Abidal is back after a critical liver transplant. To be honest, many of us didn’t expect him to return. But, the bad news is Tito Vilanova, head coach of Barcelona, is sick. This 44-year-old has been diagnosed with cancer for the 2nd time. Earlier in November, he had to remove tumour from his parotid (Salivary) gland. Few days ago, Tito was needed further treatment . On 20th December, he underwent a surgery. Barcelona confirmed he had a successful surgery. Barcelona said,

“Vilanova’s surgical procedure has gone as expected. His clinical progress will determine how long he remains in hospital. ‘The expected timeframe has been maintained. Tito asks for his privacy and confidentiality to be respected.”

According to the latest news, after this surgery Vilanova needs about six weeks of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. So, it is a big question: Who is going to replace this coach who has already achieved a lot of things with Barcelona.

Vilanova has a wife and two children aged 14 and 17 in his family. Like everyone, they must be worried.

We hope Tito will be back very soon. He has been discharged on 21st December. Roura is currently replacing Vilanova, but Barca needs someone permanent if Vilanova cannot continue even after few weeks. Pep Guardiola might be back to his coaching job. Know some excellent sources of soccer coaching jobs.

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