Tito Vilanova Gets A Flying Start with Barca

By | August 20, 2012

David Villa

Needless to say, all eyes were on Tito Vilanova—the current head manger of FC Barcelona—the best club in the world. “He is no Pep Guardiola” it was spread all over the internet. Yes, he is no Guardiola and he proved it. You may know that Guardiola had a draw in his first match with Barca. So, Vilanova did better than that!

It was the first match of FC Barcelona of the season 2012-13. This season is very special for Barca as it has brand new coach and has to regain some titles it lost in the previous season, especially La Liga Title. All eyes were on Vilanova whether he can fulfill his job successfully or not and he accomplished his job with a GRAND result. There is a saying “Morning shows the day” so we can hope for a roller coaster ride with Vilanova. Vilanova went for attacking football and he accomplished his job well finishing the first half with a 4-1 lead. Leo Messi scored twice while Pedro and captain Puyol scored one goal each. Barca kept attacking in the second half. Vilanova showed his attacking attitude throughout the match which was very elegant to watch. Great job.

The substitutes Vilanova made were prefect as well. Did you forget David Villa? We did miss him in the last season. This match was the Return of the king, David Villa. The last match he played was in the FIFA Club World Cup final against Santos when he received a fatal injury. After 247 days he played as a substitute wearing Barca jersey.  He received a huge appreciation from the crowd when he came as a substitute.  But the best part of the match came when Villa scored the fifth goal in the 84th minute. This reminded the era of Guardiola. We have seen many times Guardiola making a change and the substitute scoring a goal. It seems Vilanova will fulfill his job well. Barca has now the lead as Real Madrid drew against Valencia with 1-1.

Have no doubt, it was a PERFECT match for Vilanova.  Neither he nor the fans could expect more from the first match. We are really happy. Hope it will be a successful season for Barca and Vilanova will lead form the front. Visca el Barca.

Watch the video and say “Bend it like Villa.”

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