Thierry Henry’s Career in FC Barcelona

By | December 18, 2014

Thierry Henry's Career in FC Barcelona
Thierry Daniel Henry, famous with his surname „Henry“, was born in the year of 1977 and he was one of the best French players. He was spotted in AC Monaco, and from the year of 1990, Henry started to be a nightmare for all goalkeepers. Everyone remebered Henry from Arsenal FC, where he had a great career and spent eight years of his soccer life, under the eye of a brilliant coach and mentor Arsen Wenger.

In june 2007, the French player was transfered to Barcelona FC for 24 million euros. After his coming, everyone knew that he would be one of the key players. Namely, Henry played for Catalonia club from 2007 to 2010, when he moved to another continent and used to play for New York Red Bulls.

When Henry moved to the Camp Nou, he was in the hands of Barcelona trainer Frank Rijkaard, who prefferd to play with Henry as a striker on a left side of Catalonia club. In his first year, Henry became a leading scorer and scored 19 goals. He had also became a key player in Catalonia and everybody liked him and his soccer moves.

After getting Josep Guardiola on the Camp Nou, Henry stayed also as one of the „deadliest weapons“ in his hands. In the year of 2009, Thierry and the lads won the most prestige achivement in the world of European soccer, UEFA League of Champions. That year was also named „golden“ for Catalonia club, because Barcelona also won a Spanish Primera and Spanish Copa del Rey. Thierry Henry played 43 games and scored 26 goals for Catalonia club. Josep Guardiola keeped Henry in his best form and gave him a lot of opportunities to show his quality and goalscoring abilities. In his last year in the club, Henry didn’t get many chances to play his game, but scored 20 goals, and make a decision to move from European soccer.

After his 121 appereances for Barcelona and scoring of 49 goals, this remarkable player moved to the USA in a large city named New York. There, Henry played for four years and proved his quality in the late years of his career.

On Tuesday of this year, Henry announced his retirement and said goodbye to the world of football. Every fan should be very satisfied with his great career and have a hope that Europe will give to us more players like him.

Farewell and great pleasure to the French genious Thierry Henry!

Image Credit: FC Barcelona

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