Super Eagles Nigeria Receives 25 World Cup 2014 Brazuca Balls

By | December 20, 2013

If you are a soccer fan, then you must have heard of Brazuca soccer ball. This is the official match soccer ball of the next soccer world cup 2014. Recently, FIFA sent Brazuca to Nigeria national teams.

Nigeria aka Super Eagles receives the latest 25 world cup soccer Brazuca balls. They will be practicing with this excellent soccer ball to know about it completely. Nigeria meets mighty Argentina in the next world cup, so they need to be very careful and should try as much as possible to cope up with this ball.

In fact, not only Nigeria, all 32 teams received this Brazuca ball. Total 800 Brazuca balls were sent to the 32 teams. When they will be in Brazil, then each team will be given 25 more balls.

Brazuca is made by Adidas, which has been manufacturing soccer world cup balls since 1970.

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