Summary of Valladolid vs. Barcelona: Spanish La Liga 22-12-2012

By | December 23, 2012

Summary of Valladolid vs. Barcelona: Spanish La Liga  22-12-2012
Final Score: Valladolid 1 : Barcelona 3

1st Goal:  Xavi 42′

2nd goal: Messi 59′. He scored INCREDIBLE 91 goals in a calender year.

3rd Goal: Javi Guerra 89′ (Valladolid )

4th Goal: Tello 94′

Best Performer: Messi. Watch Messi vs. Valladolid 22-12-2012

Overall Performance: FCB played well in the 2nd half. 1st half was not up to the mark.

Worst Performer: Dani Alves. May be he is not 100% fit yet. He seemed without full of confidence.

Turning point: Xavi’s 1st goal gave Barcelona the confidence to win, and last minute goal from substitute Tello confirmed the win.

Everything is going extremely for the group leader except the sickness of Tito Vilanova. Tito is now out of the hospital. Xavi dedicated this win to Tito Vilanova. But, the new year gift is Barca are now 16 points ahead of Real Madrid. Real Madrid were beaten by 3-2. Madrid seemed awful on the pitch.

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