Summary of Barcelona vs. Malaga 16-1-13

By | January 17, 2013

Summary of Barcelona vs. Malaga

Final Score: Barcelona 2 : Malaga 2. This is not a good result for the Spanish giant. The 2nd leg is not going to be easy. Barca must be in great pressure. the 2nd leg will be played on 24th January and it is an away match.

1st Goal:  Iturra 24′ (Malaga)

2nd goal: Messi 28′

3rd Goal: Puyol 29′

4th Goal: Ignacio Camacho 88′ (Malaga)

Overall Performance: Barca should have done better. Malaga were playing with 10 players, but Barca ended 2-2 which is a bad result in the first leg of Copa del Rey.

1st Half: Barcelona were ahead of Malaga with one goal difference: 2-1

2nd Half: Barcelona 2 : Malaga 2

No doubt Barca re now in trouble. it will not be easy for them to go to the next level. They must win or score minimum 3 goals. Let’s hope for the best.

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