Story of Messi Jersey: 1

By | September 30, 2012

Messi jersey

By this time, we all know that two Leverkusen players were bound to release Messi Jersey they collected from this Argentina international in their first encounter in the Champions League 2011-12 in Germany. No doubt it is bad news for both of them.

Michal Kadlec and Manuel Friedrich were the two players who collected Messi’s jersey during the half time and after the match as well! This is an exceptional phenomenon like Leo Messi. It is very obvious that those two players were trying their best to collect jersey from Messi. That is why one of them took it in the half time. But German media did not like that at all. Both of them were criticized by the media harshly. Leverkusen lost 3-1, so everyone did not take it positively, but Kadlec did not think he was wrong. He said

‘When you play against such a player, then you always want his shirt.
‘I would have swapped it immediately for a better result, but it is a shame that we did not do enough.’

This news proves how popular Messi is even among the oppositions. Good luck Messi.

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