Spanish La Liga: El Clasico 2012 Preview

By | October 6, 2012

spanish la liga: El clasico 2012

We all know that Barcelona is now eight points ahead of its arch Rival—Real Madrid in the Spanish La Liga Table. This situation is slightly uncommon as it is only the beginning of Spanish La Liga. So, even a layman can understand that Madrid will be trying its best to get full three points. So Madrid will be ATTACKING as it did in the Spanish Super Cup: 2012. Yes, we have seen few times Madrid can attack very well, though Mourinho was highly criticized because of his tactics. This EPIC battle kicks off at 5:50 Pm (GMT)

Well, Jose Mourinho, the special one, has nothing to prove. He was missing only one cup in his career, and he finally got it when he Madrid clinched the Spanish Super Cup title. But this battle will be a more than a battle because if Mourinho loses, he will be eleven points behind Barcelona which could be an UNTOUCHABLE distance for the Portuguese.

We have to acknowledge that Mourinho is still the winner as Madrid outclassed Barcelona in the Spanish super cup by a large margin. So, this match will be a match for Vilanova to show that he deserves to be the head coach of Barca. No doubt, he will order his apprentices to attack, but the tempo will be DIFFERENT. It will not be an all attack match because Both Puyol and Pique are not available, so the defence has to be very alert. It was too shaky in the last El Clasico. Song and Mascherano have to do a lot better than they have been doing these days. When it comes to midfield, Barca is now little bit relived as Cesc Fabregas is scoring, Xavi has been phenomenal over the last few matches, and Iniesta is Back. Leo Messi will try his best to UPGRADE his performance than the last two El Clasicos. It was HORRIBLE for this Argentine international.

Chances are high that Barcelona will not lose in this match as the PRESSURE is on Madrid, and Barcelona recently saw the deadly attack of Madrid, so it will be very ALERT. Visca el Barca.

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