Spanish La Liga: El Clasico 2012: Barcelona 2 Real Madrid 2

By | October 8, 2012

Well, it was very much predictable that Barcelona would not attack madly as it is eight points ahead of its arch rival Real Madrid. Tito Vilanova did a great job because he was not overwhelmed to set 100% winning record with the absence of Puyol and Pique. Barcelona started the match with eight points ahead of Real Madrid, the difference remains same. Both Puyol and pique were absent, so the game was supposed to be a REAL threat for Barca. Real Madrid played a lot better than Barcelona in the first half. Barca was lucky not be 2to 3 goals behind of Real Madrid before the half time. The second half was very entertaining; both of them were eager to score. The game was not all about winning; Tito Vilanova showed us.

13th minute: Benzema missed a great chance to score the first goal. He was FREE to score, but shot miles away from the football posts.

19th minute: Ramos could have scored from a header. It was an easy chance for him.

23rd minute: Ronaldo scored. Dani Alves should have done better. Maybe he was sensing his injury lol. No doubt Valdes was not happy to be beaten by Ronaldo so many times.

25th minute: This could have been a disaster for Barcelona. Benzema hit the post and Di Maria could not score form the follow up. It was a blunder from both of them. Barca defence is awful.

28th minute: Unfortunately, Alves had to leave the field. Montoya was the replacement. Montoya vs. Ronaldo! No doubt Barca fans were not happy.

31st minute: Leo Messi scored. In fact, Barcelona felt urgency to score after the first goal.

61st minute: Once again, the little magician scored from a free kick. It was a DIVINE free kick indeed. Messi is still improving!

66th minute: Ronaldo scored. Adriano was responsible for this goal because Ronaldo was FREE. Tito do something with your defence.

88h minute: Montoya hit the post. He created a great move; unfortunately it was not a goal at the end.

93rd minute: Pedro missed a chance to score. It was a half chance, but he was not happy to miss it. It could have been another last minute victory for Barcelona.

Spanish La Liga could have been wide open if Barcelona lost. Vilanova showed nice techniques. What will you do Mourinho?

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