Soccer World Cup 2014 Brazil: Very High Hotel Prices

By | September 6, 2013

Brazil world cup 2014 is not very away from us. The countdown has already started. Brazil is trying its best to get ready as early as possible to ensure a great soccer world cup for all soccer fans all over the world. But the prices of everything are sky-high. You may know about the soccer world cup 2014 ticket prices. It is too high. Then comes the high hotel prices during the world cup 2014 Brazil. So, it is going to be very expensive.

It is believed that the hotel prices would be about 500% higher than the normal prices! Obviously, it is too much, especially for the people of Brazil—the host of soccer world cup 2014. One of the main reasons of the extremely high hotel prices is the inclusion of some hotel names in FIFA’s website. Brazil already requested FIFA and hotel operators to minimize the cost as much as possible so that lots of soccer fans can enjoy the next BIG thing—Soccer world cup Brazil 2014.

This is really brutal. FIFA must do something to stop this high hotel prices. Soccer is a game of all levels of people. Everyone has a right to enjoy it. The ticket prices are very high. If the hotel prices become too high, then the beauty of the game could be lost a bit, though there will be lots of customers waiting eagerly to get the highly priced hotels during the soccer world cup 2014.

What is your opinion about the high hotel prices during the 2014 soccer world cup Brazil?

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