Soccer Spray will be Used in the 2014 Soccer World Cup

By | December 22, 2013

2014 soccer world cup Brazil is not very far. Everyone has been eagerly waiting for the grand event—the greatest show on Earth. This soccer world cup will be using some new things, which were not used ever in the previous world cups. One of them is soccer spray. It will be used to spot free kick spots perfectly so that players don’t have to argue. Surely, it is a nice decision by FIFA and will make the upcoming soccer world cup more flexible, smoother.

When a free kick will be needed near the penalty box area, one referee will be using the soccer vanishing spray, especially made for soccer matches. In fact, this is not the first time that vanishing soccer spray will be used in soccer matches. It has been used in both Argentina and Brazil for a while. Also, we have seen using this wonderful spray in the club world cup in Morocco.

Even Blatter, president of FIFA, was not sure about its success, but when the referees were pleased with the results, he became confident, satisfied.

We hope the next soccer world cup will be a successful world cup. Both goal line technology and magic soccer spray will make it more accurate than ever.

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