Top American Universities and Colleges for Soccer Scholarships In USA

By | October 19, 2012

Soccer Scholarships In USA
No doubt soccer is the most popular game in the world, though in the USA  football, basketball, and baseball rule, but things are changing these days. Soccer is getting a lot of attention in the USA. Kids attend schools wearing Messi Jersey these days. So, it is very easy to understand that there are some soccer scholarships available in the USA. In fact, getting soccer scholarships in the USA is easier than football or basketball scholarships as there are so many competitors. Another benefit is that you might get financial help from local clubs or organizations as they have been trying to make soccer more popular. Below is a list of some soccer scholarships in the USA.

Southampton College – LIU Academic Awards: If selected, you will receive from 5,000 dollars to full scholarship. No doubt it is a great opportunity. You need a good score in SAT/ACT. Also, your CGPA counts. To get more information, do visit:

SLU NCAA Division 1 Grant-in-Aid : This is another opportunity for you if you are a qualified soccer player. You need to deposit 100 dollars to get this soccer scholarships in the USA. Visit to get more information.

Alfred State College Athletic Talent Grants: Do not worry if you do not play soccer well because this institution will provide you with scholarships on soccer, basketball, baseball, swimming, and lacrosse. Visit:

Walter Byers Postgraduate Scholarship Program: One male and one female get this opportunity. If selected, you will get 24,000 dollars per year. You must have CGPA at least 3.5 to apply for this scholarship. Visit to know detail information.

Davis Law Group Scholar Athlete Program™: You need to be a student of a Washington State High School with CGPA minimum 3.0. Out of 20 scholarships, 2 students will get 1,100 dollars, and 18 students will get 100 dollars. You need to apply by 15th March. Visit to apply. Also, you could be nominated by a coach, teacher, friend or parent.

Furman University Athletic Scholarships: You could get partial or full scholarship if you are lucky. 17 men and women get this scholarship. Visit

Webber International University Athletic Scholarship: Not only soccer, but also you get scholarship on football, basketball, tennis, golf, baseball, etc. Visit their official site

Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year (SAMMY) Awards: If selected, you will do your breakfast with milk. It sounds very interesting. 25 students will receive 7,500 dollars worth scholarship. Also, you need to write a 250-word- paragraph on how milk improved your abilities on academic, sports, and other fields. Apply by 9th March. Visit: or mail at:

William Woods University Athletic Scholarships: This scholarship provides scholarship on sports like soccer, football, basketball, baseball, golf, etc.

Kyle R. Magoto Scholarship Fund: You have to be from a Russia High School with CGPA minimum 3.0 and need to complete five athletic seasons.

Derek Lee Dean Soccer Scholarship: You have to be a student from W.B. Ray High School to get this scholarship. Luckily, the competition is not tough. Apply by 1st April. Visit to know more about this opportunity.

Chartiers Valley Soccer Scholarship Fund: This scholarship is eligible to Chartiers Valley High School. You must have CGPA at least 3.0 and two years experience of playing at Chartiers Valley High School. You will everything here:

Andrew Daum Memorial Soccer Scholarship: You need to a student from Marysville high School. Also, you need to a member of football team. One male and one female get this opportunity, so apply by 12nd April. Do visit if you want this scholarship.

Morton Soccer Scholarship: This soccer scholarships in the USA is eligible to students from Morton High School. Unlike other scholarships, you need to coach, referee or serve at youth soccer organization for at least two years. Visit: if you are interested.

Loudoun Soccer Scholarships: This scholarship is for students of Loudon Country, Virginia. To get this scholarship, you have to be a player, coach, referee, or volunteer in Loudon. If interested, visit

We hope it will improve your skills and academic results.  Let us know your achievement. Good luck with your soccer scholarships in the USA!

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