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By | February 28, 2013

soccer rebounder for kids
Soccer rebounders are of paramount importance for soccer players. You can’t practice with someone whenever you like, but soccer rebounders let you practice whenever you want. It is also necessary for kids to develop their skills. You will find many soccer rebounders on the market, but I believe this soccer rebounder is special in terms of size, shape, and stability.

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UPDATE: We have added more rebounders. They are the best products available in the market today in terms of prices and reviews. We will be updating the table to give you the best deals.

List of the Best Soccer Rebounders 2015

Best Soccer Rebounders Price ($)
1. Tekk Trainer Rebounder  $$$
2. Franklin Soccer Rebounder 6×4  $$
3. Franklin Soccer Rebounder 12 x 6  $$
4. Goalrilla Rebound Trainer  $$$
5. Goalrilla Trainer for Multiple Sports    $$$
6. Kwik Rebounder 1  $$$
7. Kwik Rebounder 2  $$$
8. Practice Net & Rebounder  $$$
9. Zero Gravity Trainer: Soccer Rebounder and Juggler Trainer  $$$

Best Soccer Rebounder Review: Tekk Trainer Soccer Rebounder Review

Tekk Soccer Rebounder best

Product Description

This Tekk Trainer soccer rebounder is the largest, strongest rebounder on the market. MLS soccer teams use this product to build up their skills. The 7 angles give soccer players more flexibility while training. Both professional and amateur soccer players have been using it.


  • Strongest: You can’t find a stronger rebounder than this one which can support staggering 125 lbs load.
  • Largest: Covers 40 feet square feet area. No doubt this is enormous.
  • Easy-to-set-up: Takes only 5 minutes, so no more time wasting. Practice more.
  • Easy-to-store: Can be stored it as one piece smoothly.
  • Wide Angle: Allows all around training by providing 7 positions.
  • Smooth Ball Speed: Gives real game like experience while practicing as it is built with perfect tension in the net.
  • Versatile: Can be used as a soccer goal by adding soccer goal conversion kit.
  • Long Lasting: Built with optimum quality aircraft grade aluminum and 3mm thick steel brackets; optimized to last for years.


Cannot pass the ball on the ground because of the lower cross bar, but it is not a major problem.

What You Should Consider When Buying A Soccer Rebounder

Buying a soccer rebounder is pretty easy if you know the 2 basic tips: size and shape.

Size Matters

Small rebounders let you focus on the target, so in the real game it becomes easy. On the other hand, large rebounders let practice multiple players. Also, the players don’t have to chase the ball if they miss the target.

Shape Also Matters

Usually, soccer rebounders are available in standard rectangular shape, though small rebounders are available in various shapes. This Tekk trainer soccer rebounder is upward tilt helps practicing the airborne ball which is of great importance.

Benefits You Should Get From A Good Soccer Rebounder

No doubt a good rebounder can make a BIG positive difference. Practice makes a man perfect and soccer rebounders let you practice ceaselessly. Your skills could be greatly improved by doing the same action over and over.

Benefits of the Field Players

  • Can practice volleys, shooting, passing, trapping, heading, etc.
  • Enables ball control with your thigh and chest
  • Makes your weak foot stronger
  • Corrects your ball striking and finishing skills
  • Works like a soccer rebounder wall

Benefits of the Goalkeepers

  • Improves your footwork and diving
  • Improves your throwing accuracy
  • Strengthen your arm


  • Aircraft grade aluminum tubing (2 inches)
  • High-profile steel brackets (3mm)
  • Powder coated tubing and brackets
  • Folded Dimension: 60x10x4 (Inches)
  • Set up Dimension: 5x8x4 (Feet)
  • Weight: 35lbs

What You will Get with this Rebounder

  • Rebounder Net
  • 6mm Net bungee straps
  • Robust 12 spikes
  •  Rubber Pads

Price of This Rebounder

With FREE Super Saver Shipping you get this best soccer rebounder for less than 300 dollars. It is expected to last for years, so your money pays off.

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By now, you must be aware of the quality of the soccer rebounder stated above. The reviews reflect a lot of things about the rebounder. This rebounder is highly recommended.

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