Soccer Ball Sizes Small, Big for Kids and Adults

By | September 30, 2013

If you play soccer, then you should know about soccer ball sizes. There are a few kinds of soccer balls according to sizes. In fact, this is the only factor to differentiate soccer balls according to age. Different sizes have been made to differentiate kids’ soccer ball from adult and other groups. Look at the chart below to know about soccer ball sizes. You will get a crystal-clear idea.

Soccer Ball Sizes

  • So, for adult, size 5 soccer balls are used which have circumferences 27-28 inches. If you are 13 or over, then you belong to this group. So, you need to buy a size 5 soccer ball whenever you play. Soccer world cup will be using size 5 Brazuca ball
  • If you are 8-12 years old, then you need to use a size 4 ball. This ball has circumference 25-26 inches.
  • If someone is 8 or below, then a size 3 soccer ball is recommended. This ball has circumference 23-24 inches.

Small Soccer Ball Sizes

The list above is used according to age. But there are 2 sizes of balls which can be used by anyone irrespective of ages. They are called mini soccer balls. They have circumference 18-20 inches. So, they are the smallest types of soccer balls available in the market. They are used to develop skills. Goalkeepers can be greatly benefited by this type of ball. They do have certain advantages over other soccer balls. You could think about buying mini soccer balls.

As a soccer fan or player, you should be aware of soccer ball sizes. If you play soccer even occasionally, you should buy a ball with an appropriate size. Good luck!

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