Result Barcelona vs. Elche Copa del Rey 2015 Match

By | January 10, 2015

Result Barcelona vs Elche Copa del Rey 2015
After that unlucky defeat against Real Sociedad in La Liga, Barcelona had to bounce back with a good game in Copa del Rey. Their opponent in the final sixteen of the cup was Elche, last team in the La Liga and a sure contender for a relegation place in the end of the season.

Luis Enrique decided he will take this game seriously and that he won’t experiment with the squad, so Lionel Messi, Neymar and Luis Suarez were to start the match from the first minute.  The stadium was half empty with attracting only 27,000 supporters, lowest crowd in the season.

After some very good opportunities, in the 35th minute Neymar finally scored a goal after Suarez gave him a great pass, and announced one magic evening for Barcelona. Barcelona didn’t have the intention for stopping. Luis Suarez who was trying to score a goal trough the whole first half, finally managed to put one right in 5 minutes after Neymar did. Neymar was in the center of attention when he got knocked down in the penalty area. Messi stayed confident at the spot and scored his 27th goal of the season at the very end of the first half.

Video Barcelona vs. Elche Copa del Rey 8-1-2015

How the first half ended, the second started. Messi proved his brilliance by providing two assists alongside his goal. First in the 56th minute he found Jordi Alba and 3 minutes after he provided a ball for Neymar also.

Result Barcelona vs. Elche Copa del Rey 8-1-2015 Match

Barcelona 5 : Elche 0

After this goal rampage, the game sink in some slower tempo, and the result didn’t changed further. It was great to see Barcelona getting its form back. Players enjoyed the game, and that ease in dealing with the ball paid off. Now we shall see if Barcelona can take the form from this game and carry it in their battle for the throne of La Liga.


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