Real Madrid vs. Barcelona Kick off Time 2-3-13: El Clasico Spanish La Liga

By | March 2, 2013

Real Madrid vs. Barcelona Kick off Time 2-3-13
Final Score: Real Madrid 2 : Barcelona 1
Without a shadow of a doubt Barcelona are in great pressure. The players and the fans are really upset with their performances against AC Milan and Real Madrid. No Barca fan expected a 3-1 loss at the Camp Nou where Barcelona are extremely difficult to beat. Tonight, the game is not all about winning or getting 3 points. It is about getting confidence and showing all soccer fans all over the world that FC Barcelona are still well on the track. So, it is more than a game.

 Barcelona Kick off Time Tonight

15:00 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
15:00 Co-ordinated Universal Time (UTC)
7:00 Pacific Standard Time (PST)
17:00 Central Africa Time (CAT)
20:30 Indian Standard Time (IST)

The match against Real Madrid at the Camp Nou was more than a nightmare. Hope, nothing similar will happen tonight at the Santiago Barnabeu–the home of Real Madrid. Currently, Barcelona are 16 points ahead of Real Madrid in the Spanish La Liga, but Barca need to put up a good match. Surely, the result of this match is of paramount importance for the clash against AC Milan in the Champions League. So, Barcelona should play well right from the kick off.

Bad News :(

Unfortunately, Xavi, the midfield maestro, is not playing tonight due to injury. This genius,who has been playing for barcelona for a very long timewas really poor against Real Madrid. But, a player like him can bounce back at any time. We will miss him tonight.

What About Messi?

Messi fans must be really upset to see his low-profile performances in the El Clasico and against AC Milan. Messi must deliver tonight. He has been doing extremely well in the La Liga, so he might score goals and extend his goal scoring record. All eyes will be on Messi. This Argentine international was extremely poor compared to CR7 in the latest El Clasico at the Camp Nou. Do you know how tall is Messi?

Barcelona shouldn’t attack all out keeping the defense unprotected. To be honest, Real Madrid took the advantage of weak Barca defense. Barca need to change their strategies. CR7 is their main goal scoring machine, so little more care should be given to him. We saw him unprotected many times.

Finally, hope, Barcelona will get the 3 vital points at the Santiago Barnabou. If Barcelona can do it, then we can hope for the next round Champions League ticket.

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