Overview of Barcelona vs. Atletico Madrid La Liga 16-12-2012

By | December 17, 2012

Overview of Barcelona vs. Atletico Madrid La Liga

Final Score: Barcelona 4 : Atletico Madrid 1

1st Goal:  Falcao 30′ (Atletico Madrid)

2nd goal: Adriano 35′

3rd Goal: Busquets 44′

4th Goal: Messi 57′

5th Goal: Messi 88′

Best Performer: Adriano

Turning Point: Adriano’s first goal was DIVINE.

We have to admit that Atletico Madrid were an overrated team. They were supposed to play a lot better against Real Madrid, but they failed. They fought back strongly; thrashed their opponents. Then, before their clash against Barcelona, Atletico Madrid were supposed to give Barca a good challenge. They did, but it only last first 35 minutes of the match. After Adriano scored his incredible goal, the game was over for the current #2 team in the La Liga.

Barca were horrible first 35 minutes of the match. Atletico Madrid were creating chances and controlling the game. Leo Messi, World Soccer Player of the Year 2012, was invisible; he barely touched the ball. Falcao was getting all the attention in the park as he was very close to score few times. His first goal put him ahead of Messi. But, Barca came back with a brilliant goal from Adriano. Then, after few minutes Barca scored another goal just before the half time.

After half time it was a completely different game. Atletico Madrid could not keep pace with the best team in the world. Everyone saw why Barca are the best team in the world. It was a terrible night for Messi if we ignore his 2 goals. Messi has now 20 goals against Atletico Madrid. Yes, this is his favourite opponent. Messi is now on 90!

To be honest, it was a hype. Atletico Madrid conceded at least 3 goals in the last 6 years at Camp Nou, so expecting something special from them is too much because Barcelona are having the greatest time in their history. Finally, it was a wonderful performance at the Camp Nou. Barca are now 13 points ahead of Real Madrid in the Spanish La Liga Table 2012-13. Mourinho, it’s time to QUIT. Visca el Barca.

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