Obese People will Get Wide Seats in the 2014 World Cup

By | February 12, 2014

2014 soccer world cup starts on 12th July. Everyone is getting very excited. Brazil has been trying its best to satisfy us, though it failed in many occasions. If you are obese and concerned about the comfort while enjoying soccer matches in a stadium, then you can feel well as Brazil is giving extra care for the obese people. You will get a wide seat if you are obese. The seat will be double than the regular size. All you need to do is show a certificate proving your body mass 30 or more.

No doubt it is a great initiative taken by Brazil and FIFA. Students, low income people, disabled people, and over 60-year old people will be given extra opportunities in the next soccer world cup. If you belong to them, then do apply for the advantage. It is believed that about 3 million tickets will be sold, and 1% of the total tickets will be given to the people with special needs.

Amazingly, 50% of the total people in Brazil are overweight. According to stats, in 2011, 16% of the total population of Brazil was obese.

It is a great move from FIFA. I really support it. If you are obese, then don’t forget to take the advantage.

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