New Contract: How Long Messi, Xavi, and Puyol will Play for Barcelona?

By | December 20, 2012

How Long Messi, Xavi, and Puyol will Play for Barcelona
No doubt these 3 players have been the integral part of FC Barcelona over the years. In fact, you may forget that none of them played for any other club in their life. It sounds really fantastic. Recently, they extended their contracts with Barcelona. All Barca fans must be happy.

Lionel Messi extended it to June 30, 2018 while Xavi Hernandez and Captain Carlos Puyol extended it to June 30, 2016. What about the old contract? Messi was supposed play for Barca until June 30, 2016,  Puyol June 30, 2013, and Xavi June 30, 2014. Special thanks to all of them for renewing their contracts. They will be completing the formalities in few weeks.

Messi: Unlike other players, Barca have been more kind to this Argentine international. He has been in Barcelona since 2000. We all know his critical problem with this height in the past. He is the most famous, talented footballer with physical problem. The way he is performing these days is really INCREDIBLE. He has now the owner of so many records. Messi just broke Muller’s record of 85 goals. Don’t forget he is a great contender of winning FIFA Ballon d’Or 2012 declared on January 7, 2013.

Puyol: Puyol has been continuing his career with lots of injuries. He is really brave and a TRUE captain. He is now 34, and Joined Barca in 1995. He already played 569 matches wearing Barcelona jersey. Puyol wants to continue until he is 40!

Xavi: Xavi is the midfield maestro for FC Barcelona. He is the ONE who played most number of matches–652 wearing Barca jersey. It has been a very long time for this Spanish international. Xavi joined Barcelona in 1991 when he was a 11 years old kid.

In 2018, Messi will be in Barcelona for 18 long years while Puyol and Xavi will be in Barca for 21 and 25 years respectively  in 2016. Good luck for all of them.

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