Messi Skills: Dribbling, Great Passes, and Free Kicks

By | September 3, 2013

Undoubtedly, Lionel Messi is the best soccer player in the world. Messi is the best because he has skills more than any other soccer players in the world. To be honest, the world has not seen many players blessed with skills like Leo Messi. This article shows some videos of Messi skills. No doubt we will love watching them very much.

Messi Dribbling Skills

One of the most important reasons because of his unfathomable achievement is his incredible dribbling skills. Today, the world doesn’t have any players who can match his dribbling skills. Maradona used to dribble. You will see lots of his dribbling skills here. You may have heard that Arsene Wenger marked this Argentine as a play station payer. He is right indeed. When he dribbles, everything looks like a magic. This magician has won the hearts of million people all over the world because of his supreme dribbling skills. He not only dribbles, but also converts them into wonderful goals. You must have seen his goals which resembles Maradona’s goal of the century against England in World Cup 1986. The goal was a divine goal. Messi scored a similar goal against Getafe when he was very young. Also, don’t forget his hand goal like Maradona. This Argentine international scored lots of important goals by dribbling against BIG teams in BIG matches.

Messi is not all about dribbling and scoring goals. His mesmerizing dribbling skills creates chances for other Barca Players. He is a game changer.

Messi Skills: Great Passes

Yes, Messi is a goal machine, but he is not a selfish player. He keeps passing which confuses the opponents regularly. He has one of the most numbers of assists in La Liga. In fact, this is why Messi is compared to Maradona. Messi is everywhere in the soccer pitch. This blog post features some of his great passes. Surely, you will love watching them over and over.

Messi Skills: Free kicks

This is the place where CR7 outclasses Messi. We have to admit that CR7 takes wonderful free kicks, but Messi proved his skills recently. He scored some astonishing free kick goals. His free kick skills proved that he is still improving! Only the Almighty knows the true potential of Messi skills. All we can do is wait and enjoy his skills, tricks, and techniques.

Messi Never Acts

Messi is a very very honest soccer player. This is why even his opponents like him. We have not seen many soccer players like him with supreme level of honesty.

You may know that Roger Federer is a big fan of his honesty. He said with honesty lots of things can be achieved even at a very young age; Messi is an example of this.

Messi is really a great human being. Below is a video which showcases his honesty in the soccer field.

Messi is also very good in the air. The video below “Messi Aerial Skills” shows how good he is in the air.

Messi Assists

Messi is so destructive because he scores lots of goals and assists regularly. This video showcases his assists. Because of his skills Messi is so dangerous.

There is no doubt about Messi skills. Lots of players have already marked him as the best player ever. This guy yet to win a FIFA world cup, but this can’t be a factor to underestimate his soccer skills.

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