Messi Scored 91 Goals in the Calender Year 2012

By | December 28, 2012

One thing that millions of Barcelona, Messi or football fans all over the world will NEVER forget is the number of goals Lionel Messi scored in a calender year.  It is 91.  They might forget it because Messi is scoring more goals than the previous season! He scored 26 goals only from 17 matches. The year 2012 was a great year for this Argentine international.

Out of his 91 goals, he scored 79 goals wearing # 10 Messi jersey of Barcelona, and 12 wearing #10 jersey of Argentina. 2012 was the best year when it comes to playing for Argentina, though Messi was ranked 3rd as athlete of the year in Argentina. Middleweight champion Sergio Martinez and Sebastian Crismanich are ahead of this 1.69 m tall Messi. Messi Needs 3 more goals to touch Maradona who is currently ranked at #3  with 34 goals. Batistuta is still #1 with 56 goals.

At first, Messi beat Pele with 76 goals in one calender year. Then, he beat Muller’s 40 years old record of 85 goals in a calender year. Not only any player, but also Messi beat 2 entire clubs like AC Milan, Barcelona’s competitor in the Champions League next round of 16, and Liverpool!

Like Messi, Barcelona ended 2012 with few records. Barca scored the highest number of goals and wins in 2012 than ever. Out of possible 51 points, they achieved 49 points before the Christmas and new year break.

2012 was a great year for his personal life too. His son Thiago Messi was born, and Messi has been wearing new shoes these days. Good luck Messi.

Watch All 91 Goals of Messi 2012

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