Messi is EXTREMELY Honest: Messi Never Dives

By | December 18, 2012

Messi is EXTREMELY Honest Messi Never Dives
One of the vital reasons why people love Messi very much is because he is EXTREMELY honest. Diving has become like cancer in football, but Messi does not care about it. Since his childhood, he just wants to play and be with the ball. We have watched many times Messi trying to score a goal while other players would have been tried to get a penalty from the referee. but, Messi does not ACT. He is as good as this Messi Best English Documentary. Not many football players have emotional one-legged crazy football fan–Baghdad Messi.

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He is the true icon of football. People who do not support either Argentina or Barcelona even love him because he never dives. Not only in football. but also in every game honesty has become invisible these days. This incredible quality makes Messi standalone from others like CR7 and Neymar. Not to mention his Barca and Argentina teammates never forget to dive. How about Busquets and Di Maria? In fact, no football player except Messi forgets to dive.

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