Messi 86 Goals One Calender Year: Beats Gerd Muller and Pele

By | December 10, 2012

Lionel Messi has now more goals than any other player in the history of football in one calender year. This Argentine forward scored incredible 86 goals and still counting! To be honest, this is one of the toughest records of football. This record was possessed by Gerd Muller–German striker. Muller made this record in 1972. 4o years passed. No player could even threaten this record. But, finally, Leo Messi, the superman of football, broke it, and no one suits more than this Barca #10 player.

Messi 86 Goals: Gerd Muller 85: Pele 75 in One Calender Year

No doubt this achievement will take Messi closer to win FIFA Ballon d’Or Award 2012. He must have edge than other competitors of Ballon d’Or 2012. Don’t forget he beat Andres Iniesta–the golden boy of Spain when Spain won World Cup 2010. So, now, chances are extremely high that Messi will this prestigious award for the 4th time in a row. Out of 86 goals, Messi scored 74 wearing Barca Jersey and scored 12 wearing Argentine jersey. His opponent Muller scored 72 for Bayern Munich and 13 for Germany in 1972. Messi is now 25; Muller was 27. So, Messi might score more goals next calender year. You never know because this 25-year-old wizard scored 23 goals in La Liga this season. He took only 15 matches this season while he took 21 matches last season. Only Almighty knows the full potential of Messi. Messi has 3 more games left this calender year !

Messi All 86 Goals in 2012 Calender Year

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