Learn About World Cup 2014 England Tickets, Safety, Hotel Prices in Brazil

By | October 25, 2013

If you are a fan of England soccer them, then this article is for you. You will find some valuable information on World Cup 2014 Brazil. It talks about  when to buy World Cup 2014 England tickets, how to buy them, accommodation in Brazil, hotel prices in Brazil during the World Cup, transport system, etc.  Let’s get started.

Time to Buy Brazil World Cup 2014 England Tickets

The draw will be on 6th December 2013. So, if you want to enjoy England World Cup matches, you shouldn’t buy tickets before this date as none knows about the fixture before this date. You could buy tickets from 8th December to 20th January at random basis. From 26th February to 1st April World Cup tickets will be available at first come first served basis.

England Match Ticket Prices of the World Cup 2014

Yes, World Cup 2014 England tickets are very expensive, though it depends on the location of the seat. You may have to pay 600 pounds for the ticket of the final match. Also, you could buy tickets at 60 pounds. For 3 England World Cup 2014 tickets, you need to pay 186 pounds -362 pounds. For 7 England World Cup tickets in Brazil, you need to pay minimum 867 pounds.

How is the Accommodation in Brazil During the 2014 World Cup?

Surely, it will be pretty expensive. The hotel prices are expected to rise up to about 500% during the World Cup. For one night, you need to pay 350 pounds, and it will be a 3-star hotel. You see, how expensive it would be during the next soccer World Cup 2014.

What about the Safety?

Well, Brazil would be a better, secured place when the World Cup is in progress, but you shouldn’t expect a perfect place. Crime rates will be higher than England.

How to Move from one place to Another Place?

This is a very important factor that needs a lot of attention to. Remember, you must book your flight as early as possible to avoid very expensive flight costs. Public transport is not good in Brazil. It will give you some pain. If the distance is too long, then you could also choose buses which could take 2 days. Sometimes, you may have to travel about 2000 miles.
Good luck for your team!

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