La Liga Top 5 Goal Scorers of All Time

By | December 18, 2014

La Liga Top 5 Goal Scorers of All Time
Spanish La Liga was always one of the best soccer leagues in the whole world. The clubs have always played spectacular soccer and have the best scorers in the world. Let us see who were (and still are) the best of the best goal scorers in the La Liga. The following soccer players are the La Liga top 5 goal scorers of all time.

Highest Goal Scorers of Spanish League of All Time

5. Alfredo Di Stéfano

He was one of the greatest that Real Madrid have ever seen, and is also considered one of the greatest players of all time. In 329 appearances, playing for Real Madrid and Espanyol, he scored 227 goals with a ratio of 0.69 goals per game.

4. Raul

Another Real Madrid’s golden boy is Raul. They had snatched him from their city rival Atletico Madrid when he was only 17 years old, and that was one of their best moves. They gained a real leader on the pitch, who scored 228 goals in 550 matches for Real Madrid in La Liga.

3. Hugo Sánchez

He is the third one on the list, and again a Real Madrid’s one – a high-profile Mexican striker who played not only for Real Madrid in La Liga, but also for Atletico Madrid and Rayo Vallecano. He had 347 appearances and scored 234 goals in the process.

2. Telmo Zarra

A true gentlemen on the pitch and a deadly threat to the goalkeepers, Telmo Zarra stayed faithful to his Atletico Bilbao for his whole career and never played for any other club in La Liga. He had only 278 appearances but that was enough for the 251 goals he scored. He has the best goal ratio on our list – 0.91 goal per game.

1. Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is truly the best player in modern football. This guy knows the game, and knows how to score goals with ease. Barcelona’s wonder kid is not just the best scorer of the Championship League, but he also managed to get to the top of La Liga, being only 27 years old. In 291 appearances, he managed to score amazing 256 goals, and he has no intention of stopping there.

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