Indoor Soccer Shoes

By | March 20, 2013

Types of Soccer Shoes

Clearly, soccer shoes for outdoor games and indoor games are not the same. In fact, there are 3 kinds of soccer shoes: outdoor soccer shoes, indoor soccer shoes, and turf shoes. You should not use them incorrectly. When you play indoor, you should not wear outdoor soccer cleats or vice versa. If you do so, both surface and your shoes will get damaged. You could even get injured, and don’t forget your performance is dependent on the shoes. So, picking the right types of shoes is of paramount importance.

Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Soccer Shoes

Obviously, indoor shoes and outdoor soccer shoes are not the same. The thing which differentiates them is the cleats. Outdoor shoes have rounded or bladed cleats while turf shoes have raised patterns to grip the surface, and indoor shoes have no cleats. In fact, they have flat soles.

Where to Wear Them

Different kinds of shoes are made because each surface is different. You need to wear your shoes sensibly. Indoor shoes should be used on indoor soccer courts. Also, you must have seen green carpet surface; they are also suitable for indoor shoes. Never use turf shoes on the surface made exclusively for indoor soccer. Doing so will damage the surface. You could use indoor shoes on outdoor artificial surfaces if they are dry enough.

Benefits of Indoor Soccer Shoes

Surely, indoor soccer shoes are much better than typical shoes or sneakers. They have been made to last longer than them. They might look like sneakers, but they are far better than them when it comes to playing soccer properly. Also, you will enjoy more control while wearing them. They don’t damage the surface as well.

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Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

Shoes from Adidas, Nike, Umbro, Puma, and Diadora are known as the best indoor soccer shoes. Usually, they have indoor versions of their outdoor versions. You could buy any of the item listed below.

Where to Buy Them

You could buy top class indoor shoes from Word Soccer Shop, Adidas , or Nike

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