How to Differentiate An Original Soccer Jersey from A Fake One

By | November 24, 2012


This is the most important difference between an original soccer jersey and a fake jersey. If you have ever touched an original jersey, then you could feel the difference. TOUCHING IS BELIEVING. You have to feel the difference which is not an easy task for most of us.


It is found that most fake buyers provide only M, L, and XL sizes as they are the most common sizes. Earlier, they used to sell only M and L sizes. Good sellers always have a very wide range products.

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Stitching and embroidery

Surely, original jerseys are a lot better stitched than the fake ones. Also, you need to have a sharp look on the club badge and apparel badge inside and outside.


Both tags and washing instructions are poorly printed on fake jerseys. Also, you might find that Made in (country name) could be different from the collars name.


If the patches are made by lextra, then it must be smooth. Also, the detail on the patch will be in 3D. Fake jerseys do not have any film to protect the patches.


If the numbering is done by using plastic and rubbery, then they will not be smooth like the authentic pieces.


The screen-printing of size names, slogans, club names get pale after some washes if you buy a fake jersey. Sometimes, the alignment is not perfect as well.

These are factors you should consider before buying any original soccer jersey. Unfortunately, today, fake jerseys are sometimes very difficult to differentiate as Thailand has been doing a great job. So, it is better to buy jersey from renowned sources like Amazon, World Soccer Shop, SOCCER.COM, Adidas, Nike, Puma, etc.

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