How Tall is Messi?

By | September 4, 2012

how tall is messi
When someone watches Messi playing the first question pops up in his mind is: how tall is Messi? According to FC Barcelona and Wikipedia his official height is 1.69m which is 5 feet 7 inches. I bet this question rose in your mind because he is a wonderful player and looks really amazing when he dribbles and scores.

Because of his height he gets more gravitational facility which plays good role when he dribbles. According to science, short people have advantages over tall people when it comes to balance of the body and dribbling is all about a great balance.

We all know that dribbling does play an important role in Football. A player who can dribble is elegant to watch. And, Messi MESMERIZES when he dribbles the defenders. We have seen him so many times dribbling, turning, twisting, and then scoring beautiful goals. Like Messi, Maradona, the best footballer of all time, was not a tall guy. He is only 1.65m or 5 feet 5 inches. We all know that Maradona was also a wonderful dribbler of football.

how tall is messi

Story of Messi Childhood

We all know that Leo Messi had some serious issues with his height. He started playing for Newell’s Old Boys only at the age of nine. At eleven he was diagnosed with Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHT) disease. According to medical science, one baby among 3800 babies has this disease during birth. His club Newell’s Old Boys did not agree to pay about 800 dollars per month. But luckily, Messi was picked by Barcelona. Barca was ready to pay his expenses. Surely, that signing was one of the most famous signing of football history. We all know that the sign was done on a “tissue paper.” Now, it is a priceless tissue paper.

Because of his height Messi was called La Pulga (the flea from Rosario) at La Masia.

According to the experts, without treatment Leo Messi would have 40 centimeters lees height than his current height! Can you imagine it? Very frightening indeed. I don’t think with that height it is possible to become a footballer. No one has done it. Do you know someone?

This Argentine magician overcomes all physical limitations and now, there is not a single football fan in the world who has not heard his name. Even his opposition loves him because of his unmatchable talent and honesty on the field. Messi NEVER dives.

Messi can score with his pretty ordinary height defeating many tall defenders. No one can forget his famous Champions League final goal against Manchester United. It was a DIVINE header indeed. And when it comes to pass, then Messi is the perfect guy to do the job. We see some LASER-TARGETED passes from Messi in every match. Today, Messi is a super star. To be honest, he is more than a player as his club FC Barcelona is a more than a club.

Recently, he started paying the total cost to cure Waleed Kashash who has been suffering from the same Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD) disease. Messi has been paying 208 Euros every 15 days. Messi will doing it until he is 18. And we all know his cooperation with UNICEF and about his Leo Messi foundation. Good luck Leo Messi.

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