Goal-line Technology Will be Used in World Cup 2014 First Time

By | October 17, 2013

We all know that a few vital results were determined by the errors soccer referees made in the past. The latest one in a soccer World Cup was in the match between Germany vs. England 2010. Things could be different if goal-line technology was used in the FIFA World Cup 2010. Like other sports, it was a demand of time to include technology in soccer matches. Goal-line technology was needed highly. Finally, FIFA approved to use goal-line technology in the World Cup 2014. Obviously, all soccer fans will feel safe. GoalControl GmbH will be providing this facility in the 2014 soccer World Cup in Brazil. Hope it will be doing fine.

During the Confederations Cup 2013, this goal-line technology was first used. It was not required to confirm any goals, so we have not seen this technology in action. The results were perfect. It maintained all guidelines made by FIFA and judged all 68 goals perfectly. But the most important thing is that the match officials were happy with the goal-line technology used in the Confederations Cup. The very same company GoalControl GmbH was the provider of this new technology in the competition.

During the World Cup 2014 Brazil, before each game starts, match officials will be testing this technology following guidelines made by FIFA. So, FIFA seems very alert.

GoalControl-4D is a technology which features 14 high-speed cameras which send vibration and visual signs within 1 second to the match officials’ watches every time a goal is scored by World Cup 2014 ball. You see, how fast this technology is.

It is a very smart idea to use goal-line technology in 2014 World Cup. No other soccer World Cup balls used this technology. Fans will love this new implementation in Brazil 2014 World Cup. Good luck Goal-line technology!

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