Football World Cup Winners

By | September 10, 2012

Football World Cup is of paramount importance for a footballer. It has brought countries like Argentina and Brazil in the limelight. Whenever someone hears the name of Argentina, instantly Maradona pops up in his mind. Brazil also got recognition to the whole world because of its football world cup. People still do not call Leo messi a great player because he is yet to WIN a Football World Cup wearing the #10 jersey of Argentina.

1st winner (1930): Uruguay

2nd winner (1934): Italy

3rd winner (38): Italy

4th winner (50): Uruguay

5th winner (54): West Germany

6th winner (58): Brazil

7th winner (62): Brazil

8th winner (66): England

9th winner (70): Brazil

10th winner (74): Germany

11th winner (78): Argentina

12th winner (82): Italy

13th winner (86): Argentina: Two phrases “Hand of god”, “Goal of the century

14th winner (90): Germany: Nobody can forget Maradona crying. Was it a penalty? Maradona does not think so.

15th winner (94): Brazil: Roberto Baggio missed the penalty, and Brazil won the title after a long time.

16th winner (98): France: Football world got a new football World Cup Winner. Brazil was favorite, but Zidane made the difference scoring two golas in the final. Final scoreline was 3-0!

17th winner (2002): Brazil: Ronaldo, the phenomenon, was the focus of this World Cup. He did not disappoint the Brazil fan; scored goals almost in every match.

18th winner (2006): Italy: Brazil was HOT favorite to win this World Cup. All eyes were on Ronaldinho, but he failed. Now, none compares him with Maradona and Pele.

19th winner (2010): Spain: Football world got a new champion. Both Spain and Brazil were favorite, but finally Spain could make it. Brazil got knocked out by Netherlands in the quarter final.

Another hot topic of that World Cup was Argentina because of Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi. Can Maradona make it? Can Little Messi make it? Will Maradona use three strikers and who are they? In which position will Messi play? These questions were floating around all over the media.

Messi did celebrate his 23th birthday during the World Cup, but he could not bring smile in the faces of people of Argentina. Like Brazil, Argentina had to depart after the quarter final once again.

20th winner (2014): ?

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