Final Score PSG vs. Barcelona 30-9-14 Champions League Group Stage

By | October 1, 2014

If you are a Barcelona fan, then the result between PSG and Barcelona will not sound good to you as the Spanish giant were beaten by 3-2 goals. Final score: PSG vs. Barcelona: 3 : 2. The match was pretty entertaining. We had to wait till the last moment to get the final score.

Video Highlights PSG vs. Barcelona 30-9-2014

Barcelona once again failed because of their weak defence. The weakness was reveled once again. To be honest, PSG took the advantage of Barcelona’s weak defence. You should watch the goals score by the host. On the other hand, when it comes to attack, Barca were good, but it was not good enough to score  3 or more goals against PSG. Messi played well like always but once again the finishing was missing by other Barca players. Pedro had a nightmare. Iniesta should have done better. Barca missed a few chances.

On the other hand, Paris St. Germain was brilliant. They were more organized than the Spanish team. Their attack was more organized than Barcelona and the defence was way better than shaky Barcelona. They did show a brilliant performance yesterday, especially at the later part of the match. The two goals they conceded were brilliant goals indeed.

This is a group stage match, so it might not have a lot of importance, but once again the weakness of Barcelona was revealed to everyone. Barca need to do some repairing with the defence. Conceding goals only because of lack of tall players in the squad is a very sad thing to watch for a Barca fan. I am a Barca fan, and I am tired of watching this over and over.

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