Final Result Barcelona vs. Atletico Madrid 11-1-2015

By | January 14, 2015

Final result Barcelona vs. Atletico Madrid
Barcelona have hoped to continue their good game from Copa del Rey, where they hammered Elche, but this time the opponent was serious. Atletico Madrid visited the Camp Nou, a team that has taken LA Liga trophy from Barcelona last season.  From the start of the game, Barcelona has made an impact. They tried some good actions and that paid off.

In the 11th minute, Neymar scored from the far post and Barcelona was already in the lead. Barcelona didn’t stopped there; they kept on attacking with some great chances from Messi and Neymar. Atletico Madrid tried to play some hard game and its players have earned two yellow cards. But Barcelona didn’t mind, they played their own game and reward came in the 35th minute when Messi assisted Luis Suarez, who was alone in the penalty area and scored a fine goal.

Second half didn’t bring us so much good soccer as some tensions on the pitch. In the 56th minute, Messi clattered Jesus Gamez and  Undiano Mallenco showed on the spot. Mandzukic took the ball and calmly scored. After this penalty both teams started to play a little dirty,  and result was 6 yellow cards, 3 for Barcelona and 3 for Atletico Madrid in just 20 minutes.

The game could have gone in another direction, but Barcelona stayed with their both feet on the ground, and Messi scored in the 87th minute to clear all the doubts. We saw a good game with both teams being under pressure but Barcelona handled it better and that was the reason they got the win.

Barcelona showed that they shouldn’t be signed off so easily and that they didn’t say their final word.  They just need to wait for Real Madrid’s mistake, and be ready to use it.

Final Result Barcelona vs. Atletico Madrid 11-1-2015

Barcelona 3 : Atletico Madrid 1

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