El Clasico 2012: Spanish Super Cup 2nd Leg Preview

By | August 28, 2012

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See the El Clasico 2012 2nd leg results

It’s time for another El Clasico of 2012. We all know the result of the El Clasico 2012 Spanish Super Cup 1st leg. It is Barcelona 3 Real Madrid 2. Barcelona has some advantages, but it is not that BIG. It is not like 2-0 like the Champions League 2011 that Barcelona is sure to win the title. It is a slight or the slightest advantage indeed. Let’s analyze the chances of both teams.

What will give Barcelona the Spanish Super Cup 2012 title?

Bad news is that Real Madrid has two important away goals, though it could not get even a single point at Camp Nou. So, the first condition is Barcelona cannot lose the game. Even it is a 1-0 defeat, Barcelona cannot do it at Santiago Bernabeu because then the points will be equal and Madrid will have the advantage of 2 important away goals. If it is 0-0 after ninety minutes, then Barca will win the Spanish Super cup 2012 without any problem because the 2 away will not be counted then. If it is 1-1, then Barcelona will have no problem. 2-2 will also be good enough. So, the gist is Barca needs to draw or win the match. It cannot afford a defeat.

It will be very interesting to see whether Tito Vilanova advices his apprentices to attack or just counter attack. I think it is very obvious that Barcelona will not attack desperately. Barca will bit focus on the counter attack at least at the first stage of the match as Madrid has no option left to ATTACK. Then Barcelona will try its best to control the match which will become an attack after attack from these both giants of European football. Have no doubt, it will be an ENTERTAINING, EXCITING, AND THRILLING match and we will see so many cards, GUARANTEED. Scoring first is of PARAMOUNT importance in the 2nd leg.

Did you watch the latest matches of these two teams? They were HORRIBLE on the ground.

Let’s break down everything

Messi: This Argentine International had a super flop night in the last El Clasico 2012. In fact, it was one of his worst performances ever. He did score two goals against Osasuna, but had an unimpressive night as well. Leo Messi must be desperately trying to deliver his normal output. Probably we will witness a MAGICAL MESSI In the second leg of Spanish Super Cup 2012 because this guy cannot keep him out of the action in three straight matches!

Iniesta: He has been impressive in the last first leg of the Spanish Super Cup 2012. He will just try to replicate his performances, though Real Madrid will give special attention to him in the second leg, but genius like Iniesta is very difficult to CONTROL full ninety minutes. He also needs to forget his performances against Osasuna.

Xavi: Hope Tito Vilanova will not do the same mistake once again by not playing Xavi from the first minute of the game as he did in the match against Osasuna. Xavi proved why he is considered one of the best mid fielders in the world in the last two matches.

Fabregas: Has to do a lot better than his last match against Osasuna. He might be a substitute.

Villa: I want David villa in action instead of Tello. Tell moves to much while none can BEND IT LIKE VILLA.

Pedro: Hope he will start from the first minute at Santiago Bernabeu.

Alexis: This kid needs to learn how to finish well. He has got a very good physique, but takes too much time to decide whether he should shot or not.

Valdes: No doubt he will be the first choice of Vilanova even after his unforgettable mistake in the first leg. Valdes needs to make up by some or many saves. I said many because Madrid will attack with more accuracy this time. Hope he will not make the same mistake once again.

Puyol: Bad news. He may not be available.

Ronaldo: He must set up his operating system once again before this TITANIC BATTLE. Though he scored a goal in the first leg, he was very off color. The clash between Getafe was not a very good experience for CR7. We have been him scoring goals El classic, but only scoring one goal is not good enough o beat Barcelona. He has to be in full throttle throughout the ninety minutes.

Pepe: Not sure about Pepe. Will Pepe play in the 2nd leg? If he plays, it will be another display of RED CARDS.

Di Maria: Will lurking for another mistake from Victor Valdes. Maybe he will not get it this time. This Argentine deserves to play from the first minute of the game.

Manager preview

Tito Vilanova: Please let Xavi play from the first minute of the game and you are over –estimating Tello. Tell is no Pedro or Villa. I understand you decided to give some rest Xavi, but against Osasuna it was a risk and you failed.

Jose Mourinho: He is yet to win a Super Cup. Just make sure your players do not get any RED CARDS very early in the match.  Think about yourself as well. Don’t get RED CARD, please. Football is a beautiful game; don’t spoil it.

Snatching trophy from Barcelona is not an easy job when your opponent has some advantages. You need to prove you are SPECIAL. I believe Barcelona will WIN it once again with FASHION. Visca el Barca.

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  1. All About FC Barcelona

    Iniesta is going to be the key. If he can produce anything like that second half in first leg we will easily win. In that half he was too quick even for Messi.


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