Name of Some Cool Soccer Games

By | October 28, 2012

cool soccer games
Soccer games are very cool. This article lists some cool soccer games. Hope, we will enjoy playing them. Happy gaming!

Football Lob Shot: It is a very funny game. To do well, you need to do learn how to take lob shot successfully. Also, there are some UNEXPECTED challenges. Give it a try.

Bicycle Kick Champion: Earlier we saw so many bicycle kicks in real soccer matches, but these days bicycle kicks are barely seen. But you can do it. This game allows you to take bicycle kick with the left click.

Sports Heads – Football: Arrow keys let you move the players and SPACE is used for jumping. It is also a very EXCITING game. It can be considered one of the best cool soccer games.

Free Kick Duel: In this game, you need to score from free kicks. A wall and a well known player are your challenges. If you can score three goals first, then you are the winner.

World Cup Penalty: Nothing is BREATHTAKING than a World Cup penalty shootout. You need to score more goals than your competitor to go to the next level. Use SPACE button to take shots.

Penguin Header: Imagine, you are a penguin and candy bubbles are your target. Kids love this game very much.

World Cup Kicks: This is another cool soccer game. It is very simple: You need to score more goals than your competitor.

Beckham Can Still Play: Without a shadow of a doubt, David Beckham is one of the most popular soccer players of all time. He lost him prime a long time ago, but trust me on this, you would love playing this game.

Puzzle Soccer: This game is a replication of very popular game “Puzzle Bobble.” I bet you would love playing this cool game. It is really funny.

Paul the Octopus: How good or bad is your prediction? Are you better than Paul, the legendary octopus of 2010 soccer World Cup? He predicted the Football World Cup Winners accurately. Can you do it?

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