Common Factors You Should Consider When You Buy A Soccer Jersey

By | November 27, 2012

Clearly, soccer is the most popular game in the world. Both Europe and Latin America are addicted to soccer. In the USA, soccer is also getting very popular slowly but SURELY. Kids go to school wearing Messi Jersey. Chances are pretty high that you love soccer very much, and those who love soccer always want to buy a jersey of his favorite player or team or a custom soccer jersey. Below is small list of some very common factors you need to consider before buying any soccer jersey.

Brand or non brand?

You could choose a branded jersey or a non branded jersey. Branded jerseys are far better than non branded jerseys. If you play soccer a lot, then you should go for a branded jersey as it will last longer and will be enjoyable to wear. But, if you only wear jersey occasionally, then you could go for a non branded jersey. Non branded jerseys are cheaper.

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Collar or collarless?

Collar is another important factor to consider while buying a jersey. You have to pay slightly higher to get a collared jersey. Another important thing about collared jerseys is that they are considered semi-formal. So, you could use them in many places. Professional players do not use collared jerseys as they might create problems while playing.

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Long sleeved or short sleeved?

This is another factor you should consider. If you do not follow it, you might feel discomfort. Long sleeved jerseys are perfect for cold season while the short sleeved jerseys are good for the summer season. But, you should know that long sleeved jerseys can protect you from the sunburn, though you will sweat more. Short sleeved jerseys are more comfortable for most people. So, it is totally up to YOU.

Good luck with your jersey.

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