Cheap New USA Soccer Jersey 2014 Home and Away

By | May 6, 2014

Looking for the new USA soccer jersey 2014 for the soccer world cup 2014? Then keep reading. Here you can buy not only the new USA soccer jersey 2014, but also can know technical details about them.

Where to Buy the New USA Soccer Jersey 2014

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The new USA soccer jersey away 2014 looks great like the new USA soccer jersey 2014 home. The away jersey features a crew-neck collar. The bands represent the USA flag. You see, how informative the jersey is. Red is the most prominent color while blue and white are also seen very easily.

The back side features the names and numbers. Don’t forget the shorts; it is good for movement and gives a lot of comfort.

Nike pro base layers are also very good and are better, lighter than ever. To be exact, it is 20% lighter than ever.

There are some nice technologies used in the USA soccer jersey 2014 world cup.

Comfortable: For the comfort, Nike Dri-FIT technology is used in the jersey to keep the moisture away as much as possible. Laser cut ventilation holes and especially designed mesh have been added for the comfort of the players.

Eco-friendly: All new USA soccer jersey 2014 is eco-friendly. The shorts are made from 100% recyclable materials while the shirts and socks are made from 96% and 78% recyclable products respectively. You will be surprised to know that 18% of each kit is made from plastic bottles.

Click to Buy Them from Amazon

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