Champions League All Time Top Goal Scorers: Top 5

By | December 17, 2014

Champions League All Time Top Goal Scorers
Today, soccer is the most important “side issue“ in the whole world. UEFA Champions league is the best competition in Europe and every club located on the “Old Continent“ is trying to get there and show their best. A lot of clubs with their best players and goal scorers were there, but only the best became written in the history for eternity. Now, we will show the list of the best soccer players who scored the most goals in the most popular club competition in the “Old Continent.“

Champions League All Time Top 5 Goal Scorers

5. Thierry Henry: Born in the year of 1977 and one of the best French players. Everyone remembered him from Arsenal FC, where he had a great career and scored most of his goals. Recently, he played for New York Red Bulls in the USA and also built a very good career in this club.  In Champions league, he scored 50 goals in 112 matches and that brought him to the fifth place on our list. He is one of the Champions League all time top goal scorers.

4. Ruud Van Nistelrooy: Nistelrooy or Van the Man (The Flying Dutchman) got his nickname because of his jumping ability and easily scoring goals, especially from the air. This player scored the most of his goals in Manchester United and Real Madrid FC. Before C. Ronaldo and Messi, he was on the second place of the Champions league’s list of scorers of all time. Now, he is one of the trainers of the Netherland’s national team and he is also on the fourth place on our list with 56 scored goals in 73 matches.

3. Raul Gonzales: Known as “Blanco“ Raul was born in 1977 and his career started in Real Madrid FC as one of their best youngsters. Raul was on the first place of the Champions league’s list of top scorers of all time with 71 scored goals. That score in 142 matches, got him to the third place of our list.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo: What to say about the player who was the winner of the soccer prize named Golden ball and the player of the year on FIFA’s list in 2008 and 2013? C. Ronaldo moved to the second place of the Champions league’s top scorers list by scoring a goal for Real Madrid in the match with Basel, overtaking the position from Raul Gonzales. Namely, C. Ronaldo scored 72 goals in 109 Champions league matches and he will surely have time to score more goals in this competition. It is also to be seen in the future if C. Ronaldo can get to the first place of this list and overtake the position from the winner, Lionel Messi.

1. Lionel Messi: The winner of our list and the best goal scorer in this competition is a little boy from Argentina, who is today one of the world’s best soccer players. He used to play for Barcelona FC since he was a child, continuing to score more and more goals. In the Champions League match between Apoel Nicosia and Barcelona FC, Lionel Messi scored his hat trick and that gave him “the wings“ to overtake the first position from Raul Gonzales. A lot of people will say that this player is not from this planet, because of his playing style, since it is impossible to take a ball away from him during the game. He scored 75 goals in 92 matches and he is only 27 years old. That also means that Messi has more years in front of him to continue being all goalkeepers’ worst nightmare.

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