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Buy and Learn About Size 3 Soccer Ball for Kids

Want to know about size 3 soccer ball and buy it? If you answered YES, then you are in the RIGHT place. You will get some soccer balls with size 3 from top brands on this site. Buy Brazuca Ball Importance of Using A Proper Soccer Ball for Kids None can ignore the importance of using a soccer ball… Read More »

Soccer Ball Sizes Small, Big for Kids and Adults

If you play soccer, then you should know about soccer ball sizes. There are a few kinds of soccer balls according to sizes. In fact, this is the only factor to differentiate soccer balls according to age. Different sizes have been made to differentiate kids’ soccer ball from adult and other groups. Look at the chart below to… Read More »

Mini Soccer Balls: Read Before You Buy

Soccer is all about soccer balls. Without them, soccer can’t be played. There are some types of soccer balls according to their sizes. The size is decided according to the age of a player. For 13 years or older, size 5 soccer balls are used. This is the size which is used in all matches. For 8-12 years… Read More »