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Ballon D’Or 2015 Winner: Lionel Messi

It was as inevitable as the rising of the sun, as predictable as the outcome of a biased political election and as much awaited as the launch of a new iphone. It was no surprise that Lionel Messi lifted the Ballon d’Or for a record fifth time in the history of the game. The Argentine Maestro proved his… Read More »

Messi Movie 2015: Watch Messi Movie Trailer 2015

Messi is a truly 21st century superstar, with his name and face familiar to many. He has been engaged in endorsements worth 21 million last year and has been involved in breaking several records this season at the club level. He is the winner of the Ballon D’or a record four times and is often considered a ‘wizard’… Read More »

Messi’s New Boots

Messi wearing new boots with Thiago (Messi’s son) and Argentina flag printed. We hope this year he will score many important goals and will win many titles with his new boots. Good luck Messi.

Leo Messi Wins Golden Boot 2nd Time

Leo Messi, the #10 man of Barcelona, won Golden Boot for the second time. This Argentine international scored record 50 goals in the Spanish La Liga last season. You may know that no one has ever scored this number of goals. He is really a wizard, goal machine, and a tough competitor for FIFA Ballon d’Or Award. This… Read More »