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Information about Camp Nou: The Home of FC Barcelona

The Holy turf on which many greats of soccer have flourished, Cryuff, Maradona, Kubala, Figo, Ronaldinho, Messi. The majestic pitch which stands the witness to some of the most beautiful soccer games played across history. The stage for the stars of tomorrow. A symbol of Catalan pride and a monument of worship for true soccer fans across the… Read More »

Best Soccer Movies of the Last Decade

Modern day cinema has many genres. From history to horror, from comedy to romance cinema has been the media that has captivated the general audience since ages. There is a distinct genre in the world of Cinema, the Genre of Sports. But within this vast domain of sports movies a sub-domain has stood out as the most popular… Read More »

Best Movies on Real Soccer Players

Soccer is the greatest drama on Earth. It captivates emotions, people from all castes and creed and inspires the World with heroes. It is in the purest sense of the term, ‘the Eternal game’. This saga has inspired many film-makers across the world to trap the real-life heroes onto celluloid. Throughout the second half of the 20th century,… Read More »

Eric Abidal’s Career in Barcelona 2007-2013

Eric Abidal, at the age of 35, has publically announced his decision to hang up his boots. The French international has served the soccer industry for 14 years playing for the French National team and several decorated clubs across Europe as well. Eric has 67 caps for France but has missed out on the 2014 world cup with… Read More »

Thierry Henry’s Career in FC Barcelona

Thierry Daniel Henry, famous with his surname „Henry“, was born in the year of 1977 and he was one of the best French players. He was spotted in AC Monaco, and from the year of 1990, Henry started to be a nightmare for all goalkeepers. Everyone remebered Henry from Arsenal FC, where he had a great career and… Read More »