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Brazuca Winter Ball: POWERORANGE

You must know that Brazuca is the official soccer ball of the next soccer world cup 2014. It has been getting good feedback from many top class players including Messi. But what happens if its snow in the summer? Does Adidas, manufacturer of Brazuca and other world cup balls, have any plan for this? Yes, Adidas does have… Read More »

MLS Will be Using Brazuca Ball First

If you are a soccer fan, then you should know that 2014 World Cup Ball Brazuca has been launched a few days ago by Adidas. Now is the time to play this soccer ball to know about its properties. So, Adidas has decided to send it to the MLS (Major League Soccer) to know about this brand new world… Read More »

Adidas Unveiling 2014 World Cup Ball December 6 and 7

Most of us know that the name of the next soccer world cup ball is Brazuca Soccer Ball. Adidas is going to unveil this ball on December 6. It is a part of its campaign. It seems Adidas does know about marketing more than others. The theme of this great campaign is to show the world that every… Read More »

2014 World Cup Soccer Ball Brazuca is Like Never Before

We all know that soccer world cup balls are really cool. If the ball is not good, then it gets numerous criticisms from everyone. Remember, the last time when Jabulani got lots of criticisms from players, goal keepers? It was terrible. We hope the 2014 world cup soccer ball will be a perfect ball for players and goal… Read More »

World Cup Soccer Ball from 1930 Names, History, and Images

Soccer balls have a very long history which started a long time ago with the soccer history. The ball kept changing, though it didn’t change a lot. Earlier pig’s bladder was used to play soccer, but things are different now. Now all soccer balls are very smart. This article talks about all soccer world cup balls starting from… Read More »