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By | October 10, 2013

Today, adiZero is a very well-known term to all soccer fans all over the world. Adidas did make this term—adiZero very common to all of us. adiZero and F50 are now connected together. Do you know the history of adiZero cleats? To compete with Nike Mercurial Vapor, Adidas launched a product called Adidas F50 in 2004 just before the EURO 2004. The name F50 has significance; it symbolizes 50 years after Germany won the soccer world cup in 1954.

As a soccer fan, you should know that Adidas F50 and Adidas adiZero F50 soccer cleats are totally different from each other. F5o was available in the market in 2004, but Adidas adiZero F50 was available since 2010. Speed was the prime focus behind the invention of adiZero soccer products. It had both leather and synthetic versions weighing 175g and 165g respectively with the same color.

adiZero F50 mi-coach soccer cleats

This model was launched in 2011. This soccer cleats were smart soccer cleats as important stats like speed, max speed, heart monitoring system, etc. were available.

adiZero F50 mi-coach II soccer cleats

This model was released in 2012. As its name suggests, it was an improvement from the previous version. The synthetic model was 165g while the leather model was 236g.

adiZero F50 mi-coach III soccer cleats

Messi used these soccer cleats. Like all other adiZero cleats, it was very light weighing only 165g and was loaded with the state-of-the-art technology.

adiZero F50 Light up the Pitch soccer cleats

The adiZero cleats are the latest cleats used by Messi—the world’s best soccer player. They look fabulous. The main difference between this model and other adiZero cleats is that this model is optimized for Lionel Messi. Messi uses the leather version of adiZero F50.

Light up the Pitch Adidas Commercial by Messi


Ins and outs of Light up the Pitch Version


adiZero cleats are very popular all over the world because of their supreme quality, reliability, speed, and other features. Adidas has been really fantastic when it comes to producing high-end soccer cleats.

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