Brazuca Winter Ball: POWERORANGE

By | February 5, 2014

You must know that Brazuca is the official soccer ball of the next soccer world cup 2014. It has been getting good feedback from many top class players including Messi. But what happens if its snow in the summer? Does Adidas, manufacturer of Brazuca and other world cup balls, have any plan for this? Yes, Adidas does have a plan for the snow. It has already made a winter version of the Brazuca soccer ball called POWERORANGE.

But you should know that Brazil had never experienced snow fall in the summer season, so chances are very low. POWERORANNGE is a very bright orange soccer ball, which is very easy-to-see. Unlike many soccer balls, Brazuca winter ball has only 6 panels. Another great feature of the Brazuca winter ball is that it has no air drag problem. So, it acts well in the air.

Adidas has been producing world cup balls for a very long time. Hope both Brazuca soccer ball and Brazuca winter ball will serve well in the 2014 soccer world cup.

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