Brazil World Cup 2014 Stadiums are Not Ready Yet

By | January 7, 2014

Brazil world cup 2014 kicks off on 12th July 2014, but 6 out of 12 stadiums are not ready yet. According to FIFA, they should have been completed minimum 6 months before the main event, which is by the end of 2013. But not all of them are complete yet. In fact, the organizers didn’t even expect all world cup 2014 stadiums to be completed before 6 months.

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There were some reasons which decreased the speed of the construction. The most serious reasons were financial problems, safety, and unexpected deaths of 3 workers in 2013.

Recently, Arena das Dunas have been light up to show that the construction work has been finished properly. It could be officially inaugurated on 20th January 2014.

Probable Opening Dates of the Stadiums 2014 Soccer World Cup

  • Arena Amazonia: January
  • Arena Corinthians: April
  • Arena da Baixada: March or April
  • Beira-Rio Stadium: January
  • Arena Pantanal: February

It is a rule of FIFA to start testing world cup stadiums before 6 months so that they can know ins and outs of them. But Brazil failed to provide that. We hope Brazil will finish the construction work as early as possible and will give us a beautiful soccer world cup in 2014.



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