Brazil Economy in the 2014 World Cup

By | April 3, 2014

Brazil, the biggest South American country, is going to organize the next soccer world cup 2014. Unfortunately, things are not going well for the 5 time winners as many projects have been cancelled or will be completed after the world cup. You will be surprised to know that even some soccer stadiums are not ready yet for the biggest event in the world. Brazil got a lot of time for the preparation, but it showed a very low performance. In fact, no country got as much time as Brazil for the preparation. Also, don’t forget the protest against the world cup as they believe Brazil is not suitable for organizing such a big event where billions of dollars will be spent. They believe Brazil should use the money on important sectors like education and health not on the next world cup. They could be right, but Brazil will get some economic boost during the world cup.

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It is estimated that Brazil will get a benefit of about 11.1 billion dollars during the world cup. It might sound high, but unfortunately, the amount may not be enough for Brazil as the annual budget for this soccer loving country is 2.2 trillion dollars. So, it may not be enough for giving a great economic boost.

It is believed that 3 million local people and 600,000 visitors will visit this country. Many new stadiums have been made to satisfy them, so billions of dollars have been spent, but Brazil may not get enough from the world cup when it comes to economic boost. We hope we will see no more protest against organizing the world cup when the world cup kicks off. Good luck for all 32 teams participating in the world cup.



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